Cyberattacks at its peak, hackers using cloud-based tools – SonicWall Cyber Threat Report

There has been an unprecedented change in the business world with remote working. Due to the home network, which doesn’t offer much security over the cyberattacks, it increased the chances of the cyberattack. To support this, SonicWall released a cyber threat attack that highlights the key points.

The cybercriminals are now armed with powerful cloud-based tools that allow them to hit on endless targets and cloud storage easily.

Bill Conner, President and CEO, SonicWall, pointed out that last year was the tipping point in the cybercrime world. The threat of cybercrime was increasing at a drastic rate since the hackers are now using refined technologies and tactics to target the high authority website or companies.

The cyberattacks are now becoming aggressive, powerful, and numerous as the companies navigate to the work from home environment.

The report also highlights the depth of the cyberattacks:

  • There has been an increase of 62% of the ransomware attacks across the globe including the Ryuk attack that is becoming a major challenge.
  • In 2020, there have been 109.9 million cases of the Ryuk attack worldwide as logged in September.
  • There have been potential network disruptions with the increased use of IoT malware attacks.
  • The ransomware attacks are increased in the government, retail, and healthcare sector in 2020.