Cybercriminals are using Telegram as the new alternative to the Dark Web

Cybercriminals have identified Telegram as a new alternative to the dark web. Cybersecurity researchers have revealed after analysing the platform that confidential data of millions of people have already been openly shared on groups as well as channels with over thousands members. As per reports, researchers have identified that cybercriminals are leveraging Telegram to share as well as discuss large volumes of data leaks that can put millions of people at risk of online fraud, hacking, and cyber attacks.

As per another research found a flourishing illegal marketplace on Telegram where all kinds of information was available from COVID-19 vaccines, sensitive data, fake IDs to software which are available for sale. The researchers joined these cyber-crime groups and channels on Telegram to witness illegal exchanges between threat actors. They found cyber criminals sharing data dumps online on channels with over 10,000 followers. These cyber criminals even discussed how these data dumps can be used for their advantage.

Earlier data dumps were exchanged over the dark web. Now they have shifted to telegram which has its own benefits such as privacy protection of members. The platform has a lower entry barrier as compared to the dark web and it is also immune to DDoS attacks.