Data of 120 million Facebook users could be up for sale

Recently, Facebook has been in the eye of the storm for some serious
data breaches compromising data of Facebook users.

In the latest data breach at Facebook, hackers seem to have exploited vulnerabilities in a browser extension and stolen data of 120 million Facebook users out of which they have allegedly posted private messages of at least 81,000 Facebook users. The affected users are said to be from countries like Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, UK and the US.

According to a BBC report, a user named FBSaler appeared on an internet forum. The user was trying to sell personal information belonging to 120 million Facebook accounts at $0.10 cents each. BBC did not specify the name of the forum where this data was being sold.

It’s unclear who is responsible for stealing the data and how it was stolen. Facebook claims that the data may have been obtained via malicious extensions. It’s quite possible that hackers may have used data scraping tools to mine the data from publicly available profiles, without user’s knowledge. Facebook explained that there are malicious extensions that record users’ activity and send the data back to the hackers, without the users’ knowledge.

It’s unclear if hacker had any particular target audience in mind while scraping the data. The 120 million Facebook users sum up roughly 6% of the total user base of Facebook.

The only good part is that Facebook’s core technology is not at fault. The platform is not compromised in any way. Only those users are affected who ended up installing a malicious browser extension from stores like Google Chrome Store, Safari Extension Gallery, or Firefox Add-ons.