Boldly for “skimming” the increase in value of real estate

“The floor and living space cannot be treated like any other goods,” says the deputy SPD chairman. And he also wants to go back to the rent cover.

Popular in the SPD: Kevin Kühnert

Dhe deputy SPD chairman Kevin Kühnert advocates “skimming off” part of the increases in property value in the future. This applies, for example, when they become building land, said Kühnert of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

“The reason for the increase in value is solely a corresponding municipal designation of the property as land to be built. For the SPD, this part of the increase in value is due to the general public, ”emphasized the SPD vice-president. “Floor and living space cannot be treated like any other goods.”

The federal, state and local governments are no longer allowed to privatize land. “The fact that clammy communities had to top up their coffers at short notice by selling land takes bitter revenge today,” said Kühnert. “Now many of them are trying to buy back land for a multiple of the proceeds at that time.” The federal government has to step in here, for example through the federal real estate agency, which his party has enforced and which always offers its land to the municipalities first or builds apartments itself .

In order to alleviate the pressure on the housing market, the SPD also wants to campaign for a five-year rent freeze in tense locations, said the vice-chairman: “In these five years, affordable new buildings are to be built with massive support.”

The Federal Constitutional Court declared the Berlin rent cap unconstitutional in mid-April. The judges explained that the legislative power does not lie with the state, but with the federal government.

For Kühnert this is “a work order” for the next federal government to make a political decision about it. “The SPD wanted that already in the GroKo, CDU and CSU prevented it.”