Entrepreneur Kühne: Merkel could run again

The Chancellor has so far led Germany through this crisis well, praises logistics entrepreneur Klaus-Michael Kühne. Something else worries him.

Klaus-Michael Kühne

Dhe German entrepreneur Klaus-Michael Kühne is satisfied with the way Angela Merkel is leading Germany through the Corona crisis – and trusts her to have another term as Federal Chancellor. “Ms. Merkel has recovered. With her balancing nature, she does it very skillfully, “said the majority owner of the logistics group Kuehne + Nagel in an interview with” Welt “, and added:” The way of easing seems sensible to me. If the crisis lasts any longer, starting again would be a solution. Even if I think that’s unlikely. “

In the conversation, however, he expressed concern about the huge aid programs that the federal government has launched to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic. When Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) speaks of a “bazooka” in this context, it scares him. “His party, the SPD, is more known for getting into debt than for doing good business,” said Kühne.

They can “not yet really see how, for example, medium-sized companies are being helped across the board”. The KfW loans were of little use, Kühne continued. “In the hotel industry, for example, there are considerable losses, for which the state should be more responsible than in other sectors.”

Kühne, who, according to the Bloomberg financial service, is one of the hundred richest people in the world with assets of currently more than 19 billion dollars, also warned that the comparatively solid German public finances should also be overstretched. One should “not exaggerate the debt now”. He expects great tensions in the government coalition in the coming months when it comes to restructuring the budget.