Is your office laptop spying on you? Here’s how you can check

The COVID-19 induced pandemic has led to a complete overhaul of the way we work. This includes one of the lesser known facts- the extent to which employers are tracking employees as they
work from home.

A simple
Google search on ’employee surveillance software’ will amaze you on the amount and extent of options available in the market.

To play the devil’s advocate, we can only assume that the companies are not exploiting these resources and monitoring employees only in work hours with their consent, sticking to the intention of measuring
However, this is seldom the case. Even if the firms are abiding by the set goal of measuring productivity, gaining employee consent and informing them about what all is being monitored is missing.

Before you know how to check if you are being watched or not, you must check your employee handbook or computer usage agreement. If your employer says in the agreement that your computer activity could be monitored, then they have the right to ‘spy’ on you.

Monitoring softwares used by employers works by capturing keystrokes and screenshots, which can be later used to reconstruct your Gmail or Facebook session. These kinds of monitoring softwares won’t show up as usual applications, but as running processes.

The monitoring software will have a bland name, but will be pretty busy despite you using it too much as it is capturing a lot of activity.

If you come across such a name, a simple Google search might lead you to the name of the site which sells this monitoring software.