The bureaucrats should learn from the companies

From vaccine procurement to test strategy: The corona crisis has revealed a great need for action in German authorities. A guest post.

Paper is the trump card: Corona bureaucracy in the German health system

Dhe corona crisis has revealed the weaknesses of our state like a magnifying glass. Where government agencies themselves are and were responsible, things went more badly than right. Obtaining vaccines has turned out to be a political failure with dramatic consequences: it was procured too hesitantly and initially too little. The responsibility was shifted from Berlin to Brussels. There, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen did not make the order a matter for the boss, but delegated it to the Cypriot health commissioner, who was supposed to buy vaccine for the whole of the European Union with a budget. The vaccination itself started slowly in Germany, not only more slowly than in Israel, Great Britain and the USA, but – before private family doctors were finally allowed to vaccinate – also more slowly than in some other EU countries.

The development of a serious test strategy was also completely neglected for a long time. A lot of money was spent on a Corona app, which turned out to be relatively useless. The inadequate digitization of the health authorities and schools as well as the slow disbursement of financial aid complete the picture of the state failure. Advertising for the vision of an entrepreneurial state was certainly not what the state imagined during the pandemic.