Where vacation dreams become journeys

Schleswig-Holstein makes the Whitsun holiday possible, tourists are not yet welcome anywhere else. Tests and a mask are usually part of the vacation, sometimes the quarantine as well. An overview.

Lighthouse on Hiddensee: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is not yet open to vacationers.

Uyes, more than just a dream. In May, regions will open to tourists after a long Corona break. Whitsun on the Baltic Sea beach, on the North Sea dike or on Lake Plön – this is possible in Schleswig-Holstein. The northernmost state allows the holiday for districts in which the seven-day incidence shows less than 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

And that means with the current figures: The whole state is travelable again. There are not so many easing elsewhere, caution reigns. For the time being, vacation planning leads to a patchwork carpet – both for the domestic market, especially for the foreign country.

Schleswig-Holstein opens the most in this country. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) stated that not only hotels, restaurants and holiday apartments will be allowed to open from May 17th. Amusement parks and excursion boats should also be allowed to start again – subject to protective measures. Schleswig-Holstein has consistently had the lowest seven-day incidence of all 16 federal states for weeks.

For the entire country, the value on Wednesday was 55 new infections per 100,000 citizens in one week. But already in the neighboring one Hamburg, which delivers the second lowest values ​​with an incidence of 86, is not yet talked about large tourism. Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) keeps hotels closed for private travelers.

Just drive off and arrive nowhere counts

With the easing in the far north, too, pulls Bayern in the very south with. Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has announced that tourism will start on May 21 – the Friday before Pentecost. However, the country is more in the German midfield in terms of incidence with 131. The opening should only apply to areas with fewer than 100 new infections, the Ostallgäu, parts of the Bavarian Forest and the Alpine foothills would not be accessible according to the current figures.

Off to Sylt: The car train to the island fills up again with visitors' cars.
Off to Sylt: The car train to the island fills up again with visitors’ cars.: Image: dpa

Just drive off and arrive, despite the openings, but nowhere applies. Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Günther has already made it clear that proof of a negative test or a vaccination certificate will be required for the journey and for the restaurant visit. A mask will also have to be worn in many places. Lower Saxony initially only allows accommodation establishments until the end of May to accept citizens who live in the state, which, however, extends from the mountains in the Harz Mountains to the beaches of the East Frisian Islands. Since an occupancy limit should also apply to hotels, the Dehoga Hotel Association is already doubting whether it is even worth opening it for every business under the conditions.

No vacation is in at first Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania possible that Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony had recently taken their rank as the most popular coastal destination. Since Wednesday, fully vaccinated people from other federal states have been allowed to come as day tourists or visit their second home, but moving into a hotel or holiday apartment is still excluded. As State Health Minister Harry Glawe (CDU) said, further steps should be taken on May 22nd – and thus just in time for Pentecost.

At least so far, the goal has been to achieve a seven-day incidence of 50 before the big vacation can start again. However, there is growing pressure to deviate from it. The CDU state chairman Michael Sack already warned that the state could be left behind in tourism. “While anyone with a negative test result is allowed to eat in a restaurant on Sylt, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is only allowed to enter in exceptional cases,” he said.

Still free rooms for the summer

The tourism industry is still waiting for the big wave of bookings. The German Vacation Home Association reported that 63 percent of providers had fewer summer bookings than a year ago. And experience in ongoing model projects in Schleswig-Holstein, for example in North Friesland with Sylt, had shown that guests do come, but there was no rush like the one after the end of the first lockdowns a year ago.

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