Facebook addicted CEO hires employee to slap him! Elon Musk reacts

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? This might not be the best way to deal with addiction to social media. There are gazillions of smart technological solutions to help. I, for one, use the Digital Wellbeing feature in Android phones. While some people often find them effective, some just bypass them and eventually give in to their urge.

This is what probably what Pavlok CEO was struggling with back in 2012, when Facebook was one of the most happening places. Hence, he took rather painful approach to curb his Facebook addiction- being slapped!

CEO of lifestyle wearable devices’ company Manish Sethi went on Craigslist and hired a woman for $8 per hour. Her job was to slap Sethi every time fell into the endless loop of Facebook scrolling during his work hours!

Did it work? Well, Sethi said ended up boosting his productivity up to 98%.

Sethi shared his experience on Twitter and soon after, Elon Musk was in the comments with his reaction. Musk’s two “fire emojis” may have meant “lit” in today’s lingo.

“I founded a wearable device company to change habits based on this experiment. @pavlok. Wearable device that delivers an electric zap and positive sensations to reward good habits and break bad ones,” he later added in another twitter post.

While Sethi’s method may be harsh for many, and expensive, there are easier and more dignified ways to restrain your addiction to social media.

On your smartphones, you can rely on Digital Wellbeing (on Android), or Focus modes (on iPhones) to curb your social media addiction. You can download separate apps to put a time limit on your app usage.