Facebook improves privacy controls; introduces four new features

The social networking giant, Facebook has updated its Privacy Checkup tool. The company has added four new features enabling users to take control over their data. The tool has been live since 2014. The new version is being rolled out this week.

Facebook has announced the update just at the time of CES 2020. Tech companies are promoting user privacy over showing off flashy gadgets. Facebook has been in the news for data leaks and privacy scandals. The new interface will roll out today for users.

The social network created the Privacy Checkup tool in 2014. It focused on only limited areas including who could see your posts, what information is on the profile, and the details of third party apps. The tool has now evolved covering different topics in distinct areas.

Who Can See What You Share

This feature allows users to review how can see their profile information including details such as phone number, email address and even their posts.

How to Keep Your Account Secure

This feature is designed to improve the security of your Facebook account. You can strengthen the security of your account by using a combination of stronger passwords and toggling the alerts for every new login.

Your Data Settings

You can review the information that you share with apps you have logged into Facebook. It is also possible to remove the apps that are no longer in use.

How People Can Find You

This is an important privacy feature that allows users to review ways in which people can look you up on Facebook and send friend requests.

This new Privacy Checkup is not a major shift in how the company allows users to control their information. However, the feature gives greater control the internet users. Facebook and Apple are sharing a panel on user privacy at the CES 2020.