Facebook plans to expand its news service to international markets including India

The social networking giant, Facebook has planned to expand its dedicated News section outside of the US. The company announced its plans to accelerate its efforts in bringing the product to non-US markets including the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, and India.

Facebook took a greater risk when it decided to launch ‘Facebook News’ in the US. A dedicated place for the news section on the social networking platform allowed users to get the daily dose of news. The users are given control over the kind of news stories that they should see.

The company has also said that it will pay news publishers in each country for their content. Facebook is likely to face various new laws and regulations in each country. Australia has recently passed a new law requiring companies like Facebook, Google to pay news publishers.

Similar laws are being implemented in the EU. France is the first of the EU member state to push Google to pay for reuse of news snippets in Search and Google News. The law requires tech companies to pay publishers.

Facebook’s News product is still in a nascent stage. It has been available in the US for just a couple of months. In recent years, Facebook has been in news for fake news, propaganda, disinformation, and other fake news content. For Facebook News, this is a big battle ahead.

The news product has over 200 general news publishers and thousands of local and regional publications in the US. Following the criticism, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company will priories trustworthy news in its feed by identifying high-quality news publishing outlets.