Facebook Q4 results: Company’s user base keeps growing despite the privacy scandals

Is Facebook on self-destruction mode? Well, that’s the question one is bound to ask looking at the many data privacy issues that were brought to the surface in 2018. Facebook has had a
bad start to the new year as well.

What’s interesting to note here is that despite all the negative publicity in the media, Facebook Q4 earnings are better than the expectations. The company has reported 9% Year-on-Year (YoY) growth in its user base in December quarter.

Facebook has reported 1.52 billion active users in December 2018. The revenue has touched $16.91 billion in the December quarter, beating the estimated numbers. Facebook has reported strong profits of $2.38 per share. The Q4 result announcement has also led to a 6% jump in the company’s stock.

Community metrics

Facebook’s overall community metrics have improved in 2018. Out of the 2.7 billion users in the world, an average 2 billion users actively use Facebook. In a press release, Facebook CFO, David Wehner said, “This better reflect the size of our community and the fact that many people are using more than one of our services… Over time, we expect family metrics will play the primary role in how we talk about our company, and we will eventually phase out Facebook-only community metrics.”

Active advertisers

The social networking firm has an impressive number of user base. There are 7 million active advertisers across Facebook services. Right from local shops to global brands, companies around the world are using Facebook services. Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg is optimistic about growing the number of advertisers on Facebook.

Small businesses

More than 90 million small businesses use Facebook products. According to Facebook’s survey, these businesses have been trying to grow their business and hire more people since joining Facebook. Small businesses are trying to reach people in ways that only big companies could.

Facebook Portal

Facebook’s AI-powered -video calling smart speaker has done better than expected since its launch. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his satisfaction with the sales numbers of the product. He said, “I love using it with my own families. But we never shipped Facebook-branded hardware before, and a lot of people said this will be a difficult time to start.”