Facebook suspends pre-installation of its apps on new Huawei phones

Facebook will no longer allow pre-installation of its apps on Huawei phones. The decision comes weeks after
Google revoked Huawei’s Android license. Huawei users will still be able to use their apps and receive updates, but no new phones will be shipped with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp pre-installed.

Smartphone makers often enter deal with companies like Facebook to ship phone with pre-installed apps. Apps including Twitter, Booking.com also come pre-installed on Huawei phones in many markets across the globe. Facebook’s decision will further impact the sales outlook for Huawei which is already facing a lot of heat amid the ongoing US-China trade war. For the gadget maker, smartphone sales are the biggest revenue generator.

Google’s move to end its software support to Huawei phones will end the Google Play app store access for new smartphone users after the 90-days period. This means that new Huawei phones will not have access to Google Play, and as a result new smartphone user will not be able to download any of the Facebook-owned apps.

The Facebook ban will apply to any Huawei phone that has not been shipped out of the factory yet, until the easing of tensions between the US administration and China.

The US administration banned American companies from supplying technology to Huawei. The US alleges that Huawei is working with the Chinese government and its telecom products could be a conduit for espionage by the Chinese. While Huawei has come out with a categorical denial of this, the US administration has gone ahead and enforced the ban.

The Chinese smartphone maker says that it had contemplated such a move on the part of the US. They will be soon come out with an alternate plan, a workaround to solve the current imbroglio.