Forget foldable, Apple working on a wrap-around display

Apple has updated the iPhone display patent indicating a wrap-around display for iPhone screens. The company has been in news for rumours about the wrap-around iPhone screens.

The newly updated patent shows that Apple will soon launch the wrap-around display for iPhone. The company has registered a continuation patent on the wrap-around display technology. Apple has updated the information and research regarding the wrap-around display. The company has registered a continuation patent on the wrap-around display. Apple is essentially adding new information on the existing patent by tweaking the details that have already been logged.

Apple’s patent is not completely new; the company had filed it years ago. However the move to update the patent shows that Apple is seriously considering the wrap-around display technology. Whether the tech makes it to the finished product or not will be observed in near future.

New information on the patent mentions “continuous loop” of glass display around the screen. Which means that a screen will have function on both front and back of the iPhone. The patent describes that the iPhone will contain “at least” a transparent housing and a flexible screen.

The patent description reads, “A portable electronic device having front and rear surfaces, comprising: a transparent enclosure that forms at least part of the front and rear surfaces; a circuit board; and a display assembly configured to provide visual content. Wherein the display assembly is positioned in the transparent enclosure and extends around the circuit board, wherein the display assembly has first and second ends, wherein the second end is coupled to the first end at a joint, and wherein the visual content extends continuously across the joint.”

Apple is not the only smartphone maker experimenting with this idea. The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha smartphone also features a wrap-around screen. Samsung is another company is known for pushing the display over the edge of its flagship Galaxy phones.