Giphy launches a platform for GIF-based microgames

The GIFs aggregator, Giphy has released a new micro-games service constructed out of GIFs. The company is trying to expand beyond its original mandate. The platform already has a massive library of GIFs as assets to create these games.

Giphy Arcade games are designed to be made, played, and shared with friends. These are not exactly complex types of games, but they are attractive enough to grab attention of users. Unlike Flash, you don’t need to learn complicated program to create these games. Giphy Arcade is surely a concrete step in the direction of making the flash games comeback.

Nick Santaniello, the senior product engineer at Giphy said,
“When exploring what games could look like for GIPHY, we knew the experience had to be quick, shareable, and accessible for everyone, including people who don’t necessarily have a history with gaming. With GIPHY Arcade, we’ve created an experience that provides not only instant fun for the player, but also a new way to add personalized expression and entertainment to conversations as they’re happening.”
The new subsection of Giphy’s website is devoted to small, bite-sized games. The small bite sized games have been forgotten for a long time. With Giphy Games, there is an opportunity for old popular flash games like Desktop Tower Defense, Red Remover and Bookworm will make a comeback. When compared with Flash games, the shortcoming with Giphy Arcade is that the opportunity for creativity is much less. Giphy claims that the users can create rad games in a matter of few short seconds.

At the launch, users will have access to 30 backgrounds and 20 original music tracks. You can use the desktop to mix and match these assets. On mobile, the platform will ask three questions related to a template you choose. After that, the game will get generated.