Global Outage at Facebook: DDoS attack or a Database issue?

When a dorm-room startup called Facebook was launched back in 2004, no one would have imagined the kind of success it will enjoy in the years to come. Today, Facebook is the biggest online social network in the world with over 2.23 billion monthly active users.

While Mark Zuckerberg and team did enjoy all the success for over a decade, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse ever since the
Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in 2018 and brought tremendous disrepute to the social networking giant.

The latest cause of concern for Facebook is a
global outage which has affected the services of not just Facebook but also that of the companies it acquired recently like WhatsApp and Instagram. The outage was first reported on March 13 at 11am ET and people began
venting their ire on Twitter using hashtags #Facebookdown and #Instagramdown. The outage affected multiple regions including the United States, South America, Europe and some parts of Asia.

Even, Facebook took to Twitter and tweeted,

This is undoubtedly the
biggest outage in the history of Facebook.

Noted American TV journalist Raj Mathai, cited an internal source from Facebook and put out a tweet stating a database overload problem as the root cause of this global outage.

Experts were quick to rebut and hint at a distributed denial-of-service or DDoS attack.

Edward Whittingham, the MD of The Defence Works was quoted as saying on Forbes,

“Facebook have flat out denied that their outage could be caused by a distributed denial of service attack but I’m yet to be convinced – especially given their very vague explanations,”

He added, “the outage has all of the hallmarks of a DDoS attack”

We will only be able to figure out the real reason in the days to come. What’s clear is that:

Facebook has not had a happy start to the new year, and their woes continue.