Global warming impact on more than 70 crops

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Agricultural products that were often answered to be affected by climate change

A national survey by Kyodo News revealed on the 16th that the total number of agricultural products that prefectures consider to be affected by quality deterioration and yield reduction due to climate change such as global warming is more than 70 items. .. A wide variety of rice, legumes, vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. are affected from Hokkaido to Okinawa. It was also found that many production areas are making efforts such as improving the quality to adapt to high temperatures.

At the site where production has been continued according to the climate of each region, the fact that the effects of climate change are affecting on a large scale has become clear. If the temperature rises like the heat wave in late June, it may become even more serious. In the survey, many local governments asked the government for technical and financial support.

ALyo Natour