Google launches new app that connects nearby devices without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Google has launched a new app “WifiNanScan” that can easily connect with nearby smartphones and users. The app is for developers who can easily experiment with WiFi Aware, not for end-users.

WiFi Aware makes it easy for smartphones running on Android 8 and later versions, to interconnect. It is a Neighbour Awareness Networking (NAN) that can discover and connect directly without the connectivity between them. The API will help in discovering the devices and connect them to a network to send short messages and share data.

The search giant said that Wi-Fi Aware supports Bluetooth connectivity across longer distances for higher throughput rates.

Wi-Fi Alliance is supported by possible use cases that use this tech are:

  • View a restaurant menu without an internet connection
  • Securely sending a document to a printer without first logging onto the network
  • Streamline airport security, immigration, and custom processing flows with the help of mobile identification (ID)
  • Timestamp and automate school roll-call and check-ins

WifiNanScan App is also a part of the Play Store listing that obtains a distance measurement with a precision of 1 to 15 meters. The tool adds some enhancements in Android 12 in the Wi-Fi Aware that address and improve lost connections.