Google launches new Kotlin tool to help developers build Android apps faster

Google announces a new addition in the Kotlin world. The Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP) tool is launched that can easily build the compiler plugin for the coder. Developers can use this tool with Kotlin 1.4.30 version.

Google is endorsing Kotlin for some time now as a good programming language for Android apps. More than 60% of Android app developers are using Kotlin as a great alternative to Java. The Java code is translated into Kotlin to develop 30% of the Google Home app.

Kotlin developers wanted to speed up the development process during compilation to avoid extra time consumption. Another development challenge that Kotlin developers faced was no native annotation processor system. Hence, the Java annotation processing compatibility was used for the Android app development through KAPT – Kotlin Annotation Processing Tool.

The tool was held back by Java stubs ingested by the Java annotation processing system. The giant claims that the Room library initial benchmarks showing the KSP that seems faster than the KAPT tool. The developers will have software modules and Android libraries to adopt in KSP annotation processors.

The tool has come up as a great alternative to the KAPT with experimentally supported Moshi and partially supported Room.