Google Maps adds local recommendations and 3D layer control

Google is adding an option to toggle the 3D view of buildings in Google Maps app. The new application will also get integrated ‘Local Guide’ recommendations.

The search engine firm is constantly working to improve its app, making it more user friendly and interactive. In the last update, Google Maps increased the icon sizes of major buildings in selected cities. In the new update, Google is adding an option to toggle the 3D view. The 3D layer feature is quite old but the app finally gets an option to turn it off.

The layer control lets users toggle the 3D view to let users enjoy flattened map. The layer option shows up on Maps v10.28 and above. Google has placed the button right next to the Street View. The toggle works in the existing Map app as well but using gesture control. You have to swipe up with two fingers to turn on the 3D mode.

One of the reasons why Google has added the dedicated 3D layer control is to reduce the CPU consumption. The company wants to improve the Maps experience on smartphones with limited resources or slow internet connection.

Maps for Android and iOS now gets Local Guides feature too. The crowd sourced feature allows users to contribute reviews, photos, and other information to point of interests. Google is advertising this integration as a way to discover places from locals. The feature will be available in Bangkok, Delhi, London, Mexico City, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, São Paulo, and Tokyo. Users will get these local recommendations in the
“For you” tab.