Google Maps bug hints cyber attack; Secure your device

Some Google Maps users were surprised by a strange voice coming from the navigation service. Some users noticed that their Google Maps navigation instructions were being read out in a different accent, without any changes made by them. According to the report, the ‘female’ voice has changed to a male with a ‘slight Indian accent’, while some others are claiming they heard a voice with a ‘Persian accent’.

These bugs often pop-up when a software’s vulnerability is exposed. Many users fear that they were being targetted by hackers via Google Maps.

If you encountered the same glitch and fear a hacking attack, here’s what you need to do to secure your device:

1. Report the bug to Google

If you find a security or an abuse risk related bug in any Google product, not just Maps, report it to Google.

Click here to to report the bug

2. Perform a factory reset and re-login in your android phone

3. Check permissions granted to Google Maps

Long press the Googe Maps icon>app info>app permissions

4. Clear storage and Cache

5. Turn off the ‘Open by default’

You can access it the same way, (Long press the Googe Maps icon>app info>open by default)

If you still feel unsure of your phone’s security, take an account health checkup by clicking