Google Messages adds the most required feature – message scheduling

Google is always evolving and bringing in some new features for the users now and then. This time, Google has aced it all with the new addition of Android texting features that allow the users to schedule their messages (similar to emails).

We all have days when we wanted to share some exciting idea with the team or wished a friend on their birthday before we forgot. But with no option of scheduling available, we were stuck with keeping tabs on all the dates and time.

Now it will be a cakewalk with Google Messages that allow users to schedule the message on the exact date and time. Apart from this, Google will also offer several other features in Android apps like TalkBak, Google Assistant, and Google Maps.

Google Messages must be installed or updated with the latest version for users to enjoy the feature. This will not work on the phones for users who have the default text message app. It is simple to put Google Messaging as default, as on installing the app, it will ask the users if they want to make it the default app.

Scheduling the message on the Google Messaging app is also easy. Open the conversation on the updated app, type in the message, the users will be able to see the small pop-up over the Send button from where they can schedule it as per the time and date similar to Gmail.

The users can also edit, view, or delete the scheduled text messages that give them authority until the message is sent.