Google might disable Search in Australia if asked to pay for content

With the turn of events, Google is planning to disable the Search function if the Australian government keeps on working with the media code that will make Facebook Inc and Google pay local media to share companies to their content.

Now, Australia is working towards the aspect that will make big Tech giants negotiate payment with broadcasters and local publishers for any type of content. A government-appointed arbitrator will work on the price in case either party was not able to strike a deal.

Mel Silva, managing director for New Zealand and Australia, said that the code arbitration model is based on the financial and operational risk for the tech giants like Google. If it turns in law, then they will have to stop the Google Search services for the Australian audience.

This rule was announced last month when they found out that Facebook and Alphabet Inc-owned Google hold a lot of power in the market that can pose a threat to democracy. The Australian government is asked to scrap the laws by the United States that holds broad political support and to pursue the voluntary code.

After Google bagged a deal with French news publisher, this threat came into play in Australia to limit the Google services for the audience.