Google Play Store to reveal how much data apps have about you

Google is one step closer to launching its new data privacy section for Play Store apps. App developers can now fill out the relevant details via Google’s new ‘Data safety form’ on the Play Console. The company says the required information will be visible to users from February 2022 and mandatory for developers to submit by April that same year.

This new feature was announced back in May, after Apple started showing similar privacy and data disclaimers for apps in the App Store last December. The data section will give consumers a quick and simple overview of what apps are doing with their information.

  • What type of data their app collects, including location, contacts, personal information (e.g., name, email address), financial information, and more

  • Whether this data is optional or required to use the app

  • Whether or not the app encrypts data in transit

  • If the app been independently reviewed ‘for conformance with a global security standard’