Google quietly introduces new custom vehicle icons to Maps

The search engine giant, Google has quietly added new icons in Maps application. The cool new vehicle icons allow users to change what vehicle they are driving.

Google Maps on Android has got these new vehicle icons with the v10.52.2. The feature has been available for iPhone for quite some time. You can now change your vehicle icon from the arrow. You can easily add a red car, green pick up truck or a yellow SUV, based on what vehicle you drive.

The feature is buried away when you start navigating from point A to B. You have to be able to change the car or vehicle icon in iOS. The feature allows customisation of your vehicle from the standard arrow to a red car.

To do so, you have to start navigation. Then you can tap the arrow icon, which opens a small popup menu will let you change the vehicle icon. The feature works in a similar manner in an iOS app. Google is yet to confirm this change officially.

The search engine giant has been secretly adding new features to Maps. It has added a Covid layer to the Maps app earlier this year. A tool shows information about the COVID-19 cases, along with a heat map. To use this heat map in Google Maps, the users have to tap on the layer button.