Google resumes Chrome updates; v81 to be released next month

Google had paused updates to its Chrome browser last week after it cancelled the Chrome 81 release due to Coronavirus outbreak. The company is now resuming the updates to Chrome. The next major version of Chrome browser will arrive on April 7.

The search engine giant will continue releasing Chrome 80 updates featuring security and critical fixes for all platforms. The next major version, Chrome 81 was expected to arrive on March 17 but now it is coming in the second week of April. Chrome 81 will get Tab Groups, modernised checkboxes, dropdowns, and other form UIs for improved touch and accessibility.

Chrome v82 release was cancelled and the features were reshuffled into Chrome 83 and other versions. With the new adjusted schedule, Google will push Chrome 83 somewhere in mid-May.

Google’s director of technical program management, Jason Kersey said, “As we adapt our future milestone schedules to the current change in schedule, we have decided to skip the M82 release to ensure we keep users safe and focus all efforts on maintaining stability.”

The Canary, Dev and Beta channels will resume this week. The v83 will move to Dev and M81 will continue in Beta. The stable channel will resume next week with security and crucial fixes in the v80. The company will share the update cycle of v84 branch and release soon.

Google has also issued another important update to Chrome today. It has introduced new Terms of Service for all users. The key changes are made to cover Service Provider, Age Requirements, Permissions, and Liabilities.