Google rolls out 6 new features to Android

Google has recently rolled out several new features for Android such as auto-generated narrators for eBooks, Emoji Kitchen on Gboard, labels, and more. However, not all these features will be available to users as some are in Beta and for selected markets only. Here is a list of the six new features available for Android smartphones.

This tool can prove helpful to users as it checks login credentials saved by the user against compromised passwords that have been in use before. This feature was available to desktop users earlier and now it is coming to Android devices.

Android users can schedule messages by just opening the messaging app. Once the message is typed, the scheduling option can be accessed by long-pressing the send button. Some users spotted this new feature around September last year but it is now officially confirmed by Google. The messaging app also shows suggested timings, however, users have the option to set the date and time as per their preference.

The dark mode is available on apps of Google and it is now available to Google Maps. Users can enable Dark Mode by going from Settings to Theme and then selecting the Always in Dark Theme from the options.

Well, this feature is not new as hands-free commands for Google Assistant have been around for some time. However, Google has introduced a few new commands to make it more user-friendly. Users can now play music, set alarms, send messages without the need to unlock the phone.

TalkBack is a screen reader available on Android developed for users who are blind or have low vision. The reader is now getting a facelift with the introduction of more intuitive gestures, a new menu, and more. Several easy-to-learn multi-finger gestures have been added by Google that will work seamlessly on devices such as Pixel, making it easier for users to interact with the app. Google has also introduced new voice commands along with support for two new languages on the braille keyboard.

Google is rolling out a new feature in the form of custom wallpapers. Users can now do away with non-appealing backgrounds on the Android Auto. Google is planning to offer shortcuts on the home screen for tasks such as checking the weather or adjusting the thermostat with the help of Google Assistant.