Google starts giving more website information in search results

Google releases new updates every now and then with major changes in its algorithms. This time, a new feature is introduced that allows users with a deeper insight of the website in the search results. Google will include a button right beside the results showing the information on the website before opening it.

Apart from the meta description, the major information available for the users is from the content that is used while indexing. The feature is rolled out for Android users in English on mobile web, desktop, and Google app.

Google made this announcement via a blog post that allows the user to know the additional data presented on the website before opening it. This offers more context to users giving out relevant information on finance, health, etc.

As per the blog, the information that users come around while searching is similar and hence it is important to know the additional context to make an informed decision. The information that will be available for users will be from sourced information and verified.

The local business listings and job listings will also be sourced by Google using relevant sites from businesses and web.