Google to discontinue these apps in 2020

The search engine giant, Google releases a large number of products and services but it also shuts the apps that don’t receive a good response. The company is discontinuing a number of new applications in 2020.

The tech firm started the app as an invite-only service in 2019. Shoelace is designed to help people connect locally. According to a company-wide email, Google has decided to shut down the app on May 12th. The Shoelace team believes that the social app is going through the downfall due to customers reprioritising their life and work amid COVID-19.

The app allowed users to explore their neighbourhood with the help of local experts. Google had first introduced it in May 2018. It failed to gain popularity among users. The company has announced that it will shut down the app on May 12th. Google says that its attempt at helping people connecting with neighbours did not add value.

The voice and video calling app was popular among users in its early days. Google has now planned to transition users to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet by June this year. Since some users will take more time to transition from G Suite, it has provided an update where it introduced video meetings and better group chats to help existing users to have an easier transition.

Google Cloud Print offers a solution to print from any device. The app has been replaced by Chrome OS, which already handles administrative tasks for printers. The cloud printing has become much easier with Chrome browser and Android phones that Google has decided to shut down this app by December 31st, 2020.

The company has decided to abandon Google Hire in September this year. The app was designed to simplify the hiring process. The workflow has deep integration with G Suite. The company has said that it is shifting the focus on utilising the resources on other products in Google Cloud portfolio.