Google’s Android ban pushes Huawei to offer $1 billion to app developers

The Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei lost its
Android license earlier this year. The company has recently launched its flagship device Huawei Mate 30 Pro, which may not get Google Services and apps. The phone maker is preparing to battle this situation by offering $1 billion to app developers.

The US Commerce Department prohibited American companies from selling goods or services to Huawei this year. Google was the first company to respond and ban Huawei’s Android license. Huawei smartphones are powered by Android and hence need Google services for the complete Android experience. The Huawei smartphones will not feature Google Play Services and Google’s most popular apps including Gmail, Maps, Photos, YouTube, and the Play Store. It also undermines the way Google has architected the modern Android with the Play Store.

Huawei acknowledges that Play Store Services is more than just pre-installed Google apps. It enables notifications, maps, and security for third party apps. Play Store services also relies on sending timely notifications to Instagram, Slack, Facebook etc. The lack of Play Services will make it difficult to even access integration for location data.

The Chinese smartphone maker has a solution for this. Huawei plans to get US-based developers to build apps for the nascent platform. The upcoming HMS Ecosystem Incentive Program, Huawei CEO announced investment of $1 billion USD to encourage developers to build apps and market them on phones outside of China.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu said, “We didn’t want to do this. In the past we’ve never done this, but we have to do this. The US government has forced us to do this, [and] we have no other choice. Google and other US companies know we were forced to do this.”

The latest flagship series will go on sale in October in Europe, and UK. Huawei might open the boot loader for ROM developers to build custom ROMs. The company is aware that the lack of app ecosystem will impact its sales outside of China.