Google’s .new shortcuts are coming to other websites

Google first introduced the “.new” shortcuts for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides last year. The company today has announced that you can add this extension to your own website. Anyone can register a .new domain from December 2nd using Google Registry.

The .new domain extension is a new way for people to perform online actions in a quick step. Any company or organisation can register their own .new domain to get things done faster. A number of companies have started using .new shortcuts. Spotify has to create new playlist. Medium, GitHub, eBay, Canva, OVO Sound, RunKit, Stripe, and Webex have also added their own .new shortcuts.

Starting December 2nd, anyone can apply to get their own .new domain. Google Registry will start allocating the first batch of domains from those applicants in January 2020. The policies say that a .new domain will allow users to directly access the shortcut or an action page. If it doesn’t redirect users to the shortcut, Google Registry will automatically suspend or delete the domain.

If you have trademark for for the name and want to get .new domain, you can register for same till January 14, 2020. Google will open .new domain registrations for without prior application. There is no official confirmation on the pricing for these domains.