Government proposes new IT rules to control social media platforms

On 25th February 2021, a new rule was out for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, in India. According to the rule, the social media platforms must remove the content as soon as possible (within 36 hours) after the legal order or government order is issued.

Companies are also asked to help with the investigation within 72 hours of the authorised request and give all the information as well. The Information Technology Rules – Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code released a code stating the pointers.

Any type of content that goes against the company conduct supports partial or full nudity, or any sexual act will be removed from any of the social platforms within 24 hours of receiving complaints.

India joined hands with tech giants to regular Big Tech first under the new rules. Recently, under government rule, Twitter removed the tweets around the farmer’s protest over the new agriculture laws.

The intermediary is also to be published by the companies on their sites including the user agreement, privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc. for usage and access to the content.

This will include major information for the user on what they don’t host, modify, display, transmit, publish, update, store, or share that can be defamatory or misleading. The users must also be aware of the information that they can’t publish that infringes patents, harmful to minors, or violates the law. Any content published must not threaten the integrity, sovereignty, security, defence, and unity of India or its relationship with foreign states.

The platforms are to appoint CCO – Chief Compliance Offices in three months that will be responsible for ensuring that the content is as per the Act and rules. The nodal person of contact is also to be hired for the coordination with the law enforcement officers and agencies ensuring requisitions or orders.