How to stop Facebook from spying on you

It may have happened with you too, that you plan on buying something in the morning and talk about it with someone, and by evening Facebook starts showing ‘relevant ads’ for the product! Facebook…err…Meta, on multiple occasions, has denied that it uses a user’s phone microphone to listen to their conversation.

So, how is this even happening? Contrary to what many believe, Facebook does not tap the phone’s microphone. There are other ways by which the social media giant is keeping an eye on you. Even if you search for a product or service away from Facebook, for instance on an e-commerce website, Facebook tracks it, and tracks you.

The first and most obvious one is the location feature. When you download Facebook, the app asks for your location access approval, and many of us without clicking yes.

Facebook says it uses location information “to provide more relevant and personalised experiences, protect your account and provide better ads.”

Facebook can track their users even when they are not using social media.

“Facebook uses Like button, invisible Pixel conversion trackers, and ad code in mobile apps to track its users nearly any time they use the Internet-even when they’re off Facebook products. This program allows Facebook to build nauseatingly detailed profiles of users’-and non-users’-personal activity,” Benett Cyphers, a privacy researcher explained.

This is another way how Facebook could be tracking users. This tool was launched by the company in the year 2020. It shows a list of apps, websites, businesses, and organisations that you have interacted with using your Facebook credentials.

Facebook says that this tool helps it to offer users a more personalised experience.

If you don’t want Facebook to track your online activities, here is how you can do it in 6 steps.

Log into your Facebook account on browser

Go to the Setting & Privacy page

Click on Settings

Click Your Facebook information in the left column > Off-Facebook activity > More > Manage Future Activity

You will be asked your Facebook password. Enter that and you will reach a pop-up page

Click on the Manage Future Activity button and turn off your Off-Facebook activity