Importance of antivirus app for your Android device

Android is the leading operating system used by millions of users across the globe. It has such a large user base that it is often the most targeted OS by cybercriminals. There have been so many reports recently about Android malware, adware, and other issues, which influenced many users to install an antivirus app on their device.

Google regularly enhances the security of Android, and every version brings with it new security features. The company offers malware protection Google Play Protect that is built-in on Android devices with GMS. Also, the company releases Android security updates on a monthly basis to fix all possible issues that affect Android devices.

Play Protect is Google Play’s malware protection that comes built-in for Android. This was first launched with Android 8.0 Oreo, and now comes equipped with every Android device that supports Google Play Services version 11 or later.

As per Google, Play Protect leverages the company’s machine learning algorithms to enhance itself in real time. This means that it can scan through billions of devices across the globe, regularly integrating whatever it’s learning from these scans.

However, just like any anti-malware in the market, Google Play Protect isn’t minus any flaws, and sometimes some discrepancies might happen. Monthly security updates on Android helps in detecting vulnerabilities in AOSP, SoCs, etc. Security patches are also released for any bugs in the systems. Often Android security gets hampered in this area, as not all manufacturers are aware of the importance of releasing monthly security updates.

Android comes equipped with a range of protections to tackle threats such as adware, malware as well as other viruses. So for most people Android devices won’t require an antivirus. So if your device has Google services and you only download apps through Google Play and are careful while handling outside links, Android built-in protection will be useful. You won’t need other third-party antivirus apps.

However, if one or more of the below mentioned things holds true for you, you may consider getting an antivirus app.

  • Android device doesn’t include Google services
  • Installing APKs from not reliable sources
  • Visiting websites of disrepute
  • Difficulty to differentiate between a suspicious link and a trustworthy link.
  • Using an obsolete Android device with no Google Play Protect