Indian firms are 3X more vulnerable to cyberattacks than global average

Cybersecurity remains the top priority of most organisations. As we move from physical to virtual workspaces due to the COVID19 pandemic, cybersecurity concerns are on the rise irrespective of the size or type of organisation. Sundar Balasubramanian, MD at CheckPoint India, a company working in the cybersecurity space, says that Indian companies are three times more vulnerable to potential cybersecurity risk. He explained that there is actually a very thin line between cyber warfare and cyber-terrorism. What we encounter every day is merely the physical line of control, but in reality, there are many external threats that can impact the assets both private and government.

Over the past couple of years, enterprises have been facing challenges primarily in two areas. The first is because of the pandemic and the second is due to the geopolitical dispute with China. The current scenario has made many companies understand the significance of cybersecurity. Balasubramanian stated that during his interactions with CIOs and CSOs from the IT and banking sectors he could sense the increase in sensitivity towards cybersecurity.

As companies take a step towards digital transformation they need to be aware of the risk that comes along with it.

He added that they help companies by offering not just solutions but also services to address the issues. The company has an instant response team that works proactively whenever help is required. He stated that the adoption of the 5G technology will bring in more vulnerabilities. This is because transitioning from 4G which was well protected to a software-defined 5G infrastructure where some parts are open source will give rise to cyber threats.

These days hacking has evolved and no longer restricted to the data centre. Now they gain access through parameters that are connected to the telecommunications network. He sees this as one of the major challenges of transitioning to 5G.