Instagram’s new security feature allows users to control third party apps

Instagram has added new feature to let users control their data. The new features make it easier to control the data accessed by third party apps.

Facebook has been focused on adding new capabilities to its platforms and services. With an increasing number of users opting for login with platform option, third party apps gain a lot of access to their account. You can find this feature in the “Settings” tab in Instagram app. The official statement reads,
“Third-party apps and websites often provide an option to “Import photos from Instagram’ or to ‘Connect/Link to Instagram. Some examples include apps that allow you to easily print your Instagram photos or help you build a website.”

When you connect your Instagram account to any third party service, you grant them access to your profile information including username, and your photos. Following the data scandals that Facebook has been part of, the company has started taking the data security seriously. The feature will allow users to check all the connected third party apps and what data they are accessing.

To use the feature, you can open your Instagram account and navigate to Settings – Security – Apps and Websites. Users can review the apps and manage what data these apps should have access to. The company is also working on an ‘Authorisation’ screen that will ask users to approve new requests for information from third party apps. The feature will be implemented and expanded over next six months.

In the past, Instagram has faced problems with respect to data collected by third party apps. Hackers have successfully created dummy services to hijack Instagram accounts. This update is part of Facebook’s wider crackdown on third party apps and the data collected by them.