Instagram’s video verification a big flop; accepts Barbie doll as person

Instagram has been struggling with the issue of fake profiles and bot accounts for quite some time now. These accounts are created with the purpose of spreading fake information, spamming or troubling other users. misleading people with hate speech other users on the platform. Most recently, Instagram has come with a way for tackling this issue – video selfies.

Instagram has been asking for video selfies from new users joining the platform during the process of account creation. The AI would then confirm that a user is a real person. While the method does sound effective on paper, it lacks maturity when it comes to differentiation.

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According to Alexander Chalkidis, a YouTube user, Instagram recognised a Barbie doll as a person during the account creation procedure. The YouTuber held a Barbie doll in front of the front camera on the smartphone while verifying for an Instagram account. Surprisingly, the application accepted Barbie as a real user and carried on with the account creation process. The video is attached at the bottom.

The Instagram video selfie user detection algorithm is not fully developed yet, as it is not able to differentiate between a doll and a real person. Currently, the most advanced facial recognition system on a readily available smartphone is the iPhone, which uses a dot projector to map several tracking points on a user’s face.