Large IT firms including Intel, NVIDIA, and Cisco infected during SolarWinds hack

The IT services management company, SolarWinds was hacked last week. The supposed Russian attack has affected the US Treasury, Commerce, State, Energy, and Homeland Security departments. The two of which may have had emails stolen.

Even the other government agencies and many companies are part of the investigation due to SolarWinds’ extensive list. The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that some of the big campaigns have been infected by the Solarwinds Hack.

Among the top companies that have been hacked by the campaign include Cisco, Intel, Nvidia, Vmware, and Belkin. SolarWinds has officially said that less than 18,000 companies are impacted due to the malware campaign.

Big tech companies are stating that they are investing the issue but they are not sure if SolarWinds has affected them yet. The investigators have a lot of data to look and understand that the hack is still going on.

Researchers claim that nearly 18,000 Orion backdoors have some communication protocol based on the logic that hackers have implemented in the malware. The requests made and responses sent over the network clearly hint at Russian hackers.

The hackers responsible for the attack drop additional malware during the second stage fo the attack. In some cases, hackers even proceeded to the second stage. Companies have already targeted in the second state of the attack to conduct a proper forensic investigation on the infected Orion servers.