Microsoft launches all-in-one Android app for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

The software giant, Microsoft has clubbed Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a single Microsoft Office application for Android users. The all-in-one Office will help users streamline all document formats into one. The move will help Microsoft create Google Drive-like experience.

It is frustrating for users to constantly switch between applications to get things done. Microsoft has acknowledged the business problem and launched an all-in-one application for Android users. The app puts the best of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint onto one unified platform. Currently, you need to use separate apps fro these tasks.

Google Drive was launched as an all-in-one hub for Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android. Google later split it into separate apps, allowing users to install only the ones that they need. At the same time, Drive shows Preview of all the doc formats without forcing users to download separate apps.

Microsoft has followed an opposite approach by first releasing separate apps and now introducing the all-in-one solution. The Office app is available for Android mobile phone users only as there is no all-in-one app for tablets or Chromebooks yet because the portrait mode is locked which indicates there is no tablet-specific UI.

Apart from just browsing Word, Excel, and other files, the new app helps in synchronising with the Windows 10 Notes app. You can share files to nearby devices. The app also features a QR code scanner and allows users to convert an image to a text file. It is unclear whether Microsoft will replace the dedicated Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. and there is no confirmation either if the company will release the same unified app for iOS or tablets.