Microsoft launches Netflix series-inspired courses in Data Science, AI and ML

Microsoft has launched three new modules to help beginner learners get started with Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The learning path is inspired by Netflix original, ‘Over the Moon’.

The ‘Over the Moon’ learning path is a unique experiment that includes three unique modules. The learning path can help you plan a Moon mission using Python Pandas Library. You can predict meteor showers using VC Code and Python, while AI services powered by Azure can help you recognise objects in images.

In an official statement, Microsoft said, “Like the hero, Fei Fei, use data to plan your own mission to the moon. Ensure your rocket can not only get you there but also bring you and all your moon rocks safely back to Earth. Analyse and visualize datasets with common data cleansing practices.”

You can build a machine learning prediction model by cleansing a space-themed dataset on meteor showers. It is possible to use AI to repurpose the camera on the lunar rover as well.

Magno Herran, head of UCAN Marketing Partnerships at Netflix said, “Netflix is excited to partner with Microsoft to bring some of the challenges of space travel that Fei Fei overcame in ‘Over The Moon’ to life with real-world technical application in this new Microsoft Learn path.”

Over the Moon is a beautifully animated story with universe and space engineers face. The Fei Fei is a female character that builds her own space rocket using her creativity, imagination and resourcefulness. Microsoft wants to inspire students, working professionals and expert coders to pursue their dreams and take up courses in emerging technologies.