Microsoft offers $30,000 to researchers who find vulnerabilities in Teams

Microsoft, the tech giant, is offering $30,000 to the researchers that can find the issues or errors in the Teams application. The application is a top collaboration and team working platform that has gained prominence in the last years.

The tech giant has shown the new bug bounty program to find the bugs in the platform that showcase the importance of Teams in the market. The Teams bugs bounty program is said to be double what the giant offers for the OFfice applications.

There are also scenario-based awards offered to the employees that will be able to find the vulnerabilities that are affecting the security and customer privacy ranging from $6000 and $30,000. Further to this, there will be the General Bounty Awards for the other vulnerability that will range from $500 to $15,000.

As the Online Services Bounty Program, researchers will be able to submit the vulnerability report to Microsoft. This shows the importance of this program in the market with the big tech corporations of the important services.