Microsoft Teams to take on rivals with a 24-hour limit on free video calling on web

The software giant, Microsoft is offering free video calling option up to 300 members on its Teams platform. The option allows friends and family members to conduct meeting for up to 300 members at totally free of charge.

The feature is similar to what Zoom offers. You don’t need a Microsoft account or Teams app to join the call. You can simply click on the link and join the call via a web browser. The tech firm will support viewing up to 49 friends and family members in a gallery view. Teams have a ‘Together Mode’ that puts the members side by side in a virtual environment.

Microsoft wants to position Teams as a way for families and friends to connect virtually. Zoom has already surged in terms of popularity among developers around the world.

Teams is a little behind Zoom when it comes to popularity among consumers. Through Teams, Microsoft is offering the best way for families to connect with each other. To get started as a meeting host, you need to visit Teams web link and sign in with your Microsoft account credentials.

Once you have created a video meeting, you can easily share the link with friends and family. They can join the meeting via web free of charge.

The 24-hour limit on meeting length could turn out to be game-changer for Microsoft. The rival platforms such as Zoom only offers 40-minutes limit. Google Meet comes with a limit of 60 minutes while Cisco Webex has a 50-minute limit.