Microsoft to introduce accelerated AV1 video streaming on Windows 10

Microsoft has announced accelerated graphics performance with the help of graphics processor partners Intel, Nvidia, and AMD. The company is bringing AV1/AVIF video compression to the Windows 10 OS.

The OS users need a computer with 11th gen Intel Core processors with Iris Xe Graphics, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPU or AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics to benefit from the AV1 video compression codecs.

The tech firm had released the AV1 Video extension in the Microsoft Store last year. The practice has helped users to play videos encoded using AV1 coding standard. The hardware support for AV1 will further accelerate the workload of decoding moving from software to hardware.

Video compression is performed by codecs and programs to reduce the size of data, without comprising on the quality of videos. The company is planning to add support for AV1 video codec in Windows 10 v1909 and latest.

In addition to AV1 codec, Microsoft plans to offer better compression than the current H.265. The idea is to reduce data usage when streaming videos online. The company claims that Windows 10 will offer 50% better compression than H.264 and 20% better than VP9.

Microsoft also claims that the new features will contrite to the longer battery life of devices. Since the new video codec works on newer hardware only, it will remain exclusive to newer hardware only.