Microsoft to update Outlook on iOS with great features

Microsoft has rolled out a much-awaited update to Outlook on iPad. The app now gets iPad Split View, smart folders and more. It is now possible to run Outlook as a secondary app along with other apps on the iPad.

Outlook’s latest version on iOS introduces a dedicated Do Not Disturb (DND) feature. You can silence notifications based on various parameters like certain time of the day. It is now possible to even customize work hours and days. The DND feature silences email notification on scheduled basis. You can even select an option of ‘Until Tomorrow’ if you don’t want to answer the email during the off hours.

The official announcement reads, “Outlook for iOS is finally getting the Do Not Disturb feature. This has been available on Android for what feels like forever, and its introduction on iOS will include the ability to customize work hours and days. Do Not Disturb will silence email notifications on a scheduled basis, or even just by selecting an option like “Until Tomorrow” if you’re not feeling like answering work emails at all hours of the night.”

The iOS app now supports integration with LinkedIn. You can connect an account and see potential matches in the contact cards. The feature will improve the lack of profile images for email contacts on iPhone. Apart from this, there re improvements to email functions. Microsoft also plans to add folders suggesting iOS users to move certain emails into specific folders, similar to Gmail. If you keep receiving an email form a particular contact, Outlook will smartly create a new folder for all emails received from that specific contact.

These updates will be introduced in the next Outlook version. Microsoft will give a sneak peak of these features at its Ignite conference next week.