Most cyberattackers hack only to be challenged, says Survey

Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have forced companies to work from home (WFH). The shift to remote working has surged the incidents of cyberattacks. A survey data finds out that most hackers initiate attacks only to be challenged.

The survey conducted by covers 3,150 respondents from 120 countries and territories. Over 65% of hackers said that they initiated cybercrime to be challenged by others. 53% of the respondents said that making money is the reason for hacking. Learning tips and techniques account for 51%. The fifth reason for hacking is advancing a career as a hacker.

The research also added that popular websites account for 71% of the hacking attempts. APIs account for 7% followed by Android OS at 4%.

The Editor-in-chief for said, “Moving into the future, there will be an increase in the demand for security skills as hackers continue to evolve. More organizations are also increasingly insourcing their security needs through internal training and skills Tailored training programs have emerged to be crucial.”

With the increasing reach and penetration of internet and enabled services, hacking continues to evolve as a popular career choice. Some of the popular trends to evolve include social engineering, malware injection, cracking passwords, phishing, and distributed denial of services (DDoS).

The research further adds that 30% of the hackers have been hacking for one to two years. Only 20% of these hackers have been hacking for three to five years. Only 5% of them have been operating as a hacker for over 15 years.