Movies that every programmer should watch this Christmas

Programming is a profession that needs in depth technical knowledge, lot of dedication, time and effort. Once you are through with the initial learning curve of a programming language, you can work towards mastering the programming language by participating in
online coding challenges and
skill tests.

Movies can inspire you to find inspiration and keep learning new things. Here is a list of some movies that we wanted to share with you this Christmas:

1.The Matrix
This is a classic science-fiction movie which hit the screens in the year 1999. This was among the first successful movies which showcased the idea of ‘hackers’ on the mainstream channel. The programming enthusiasts will get fascinated by the concept of recursion and loop by watching The Matrix.

2. The Social Network

The American drama is among the best picks for programmers. The Social Network traces the origins and journey of social networking giant Facebook and the many lawsuits that the company had to face in its initial years. The movie was a hit at the Oscars. Every programmer and software developer should watch the Social Network to see the life journey of Mark Zuckerberg, a coder from heart who achieved success through his sheer passion for coding.

3. Source Code

The science-fiction thriller, Source Code hit the screens in 2011. This movie will keep you on the edge with every passing minute.

4. The Imitation Game

This American historical drama film was released in 2014. Programmers would love watching this movie as it portrays the journey of investing in the world’s first computer. The movie is recommended for developers to understand the initial struggles of Alan Turing and his team.

5. Jobs (2013)

The American biopic movie is based on the early life the Steve Jobs. The movie takes you through a journey of Apple’s early years to downfall when Jobs was kicked out of his own company. The movie is recommended for programmers as Jobs remains an inspiration for young developers and tech entrepreneurs.

6. Pirates of Silicon Valley

The American drama hit the screens in the year 1999. The movie is a journey of developing personal computer while explaining the competition between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The movie takes you through many interesting incidents that happened during 1971 to 1997.