Mozilla overhauls Firefox for Android; re-introduces support for Progressive Web Apps

Mozilla is rewriting its Firefox web browser for Android. With the latest versions of Firefox Preview and Firefox Beta, it is bringing back old features that the previous version offered.

Firefox Preview supports adding web apps to your home screen while display. It displays a notification when the current page can be added to the home screen. Unlike Chrome and Samsung, Firefox adds them to the home screen shortcuts. It also introduces offline support and push notifications.

The ability to add web apps on the home screen is a unique feature. Mozilla has introduced this in Firefox Preview 5.0 and Firefox Beta v76, which also run on Preview’s codebase. The browser introduces some new features as well.

Web apps added to the home screen allow users to directly open the website in Firefox browser. Tapping the dedicated icon on the home screen offers an experience similar to using a dedicated app on the phone.

Firefox has also introduced the picture-in-picture mode for online videos. You can play the video in full screen inside the browser and tap on the home button to access the home screen. The video goes in the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, which opens as a floating window showing rest of the home screen for other tasks.

The browser now supports five new extensions including NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, Dark Reader, and Search by Image. The Firefox 5.0 and Beta v76 gets these extensions. It is unclear whether Mozilla will include all these extensions in the Firefox or not. You can try these extensions by downloading the Preview or Beta versions on Android smartphones.