Must-read Deep Learning and NLP articles for Data Scientists

Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the most in-demand technologies. Despite many industries being hindered by the Covid-19, new-age tech skills such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and NLP have a massive demand. Here are some of the must-read articles for aspiring Data Scientists.

The article by Nukanj Aggarwal, ML Lead at Citizen compiles various example of how deep learning is used to create life-changing technologies. Citizen is a company that uses speech-to-text engine and convolution neural networks to analyse first responder radio frequencies. The company has been able to scale their apps to multiple cities in the US. The NLP-driven has a potential to make huge changes in the police and responder infrastructure.

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The GPT-3 by Open AI is the biggest inclusion in the field of NLP. Most developers have ignored the launch of Open AI API. The idea behind the API is to given access to people to various new models developed by the company, including GPT-3. The big news is that this will also shift the company’s normal practices of open sourcing their models. This official blog talks about how the company went away from open source to control potential misuse of their API.

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This is a complete guide by Sergios Karagiannakos, the founder of AI Summer. The article is a complete guide to deep learning. It introduces too many topics, from the different kinds of neural networks to deep learning baselines.

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This is an interesting thought piece where 9 philosophers take a deep dive into Open AI’s GPT-3. The thought leaders explore the possible ethical and moral issues and lingering questions brought by the technology.

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