New Google Lens update lets users copy notes to computer, listen to text

Google has just updated Lens to help users copy test from physical papers. You can detect, copy and send the text to laptop or PC. The feature is also embedded in Google Assistant on Android.

The feature will help all Google users, especially students to be more productive. It makes it easy to digitise and copy their notes without extra steps. Google Lens can now detect the text and allow users to digitalise and copy their notes without any extra efforts. The users can select a specific part of the text.

The only requirement is that the handwriting should be somewhat neat for the feature to work. Users with bad handwriting can also try the feature. The accuracy will of the text detected would not be as good. It works with the latest version of Google Chrome. You need to ensure that you are running the latest version of Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop.

To get started, simply open Google Lens on your smartphone and point it at the note that you want to translate. A bubble should appear underneath the wiring. Click on the bubble, and the image will freeze on the words while serving related search results on the bottom of your screen.

Once it’s focused on words, simply tap on a word and it should become highlighted. You can get options to copy text, copy to the computer and listen along the buttons of your device. You can click paste where you want to place the text. You can paste it on the computer if the same Google account is logged in on the same computer.

To use the feature, you need the latest version of Google Lens on Android or iPhone. The pronunciation is not available for iPhone users yet.