New iOS bug identified that stops Wi-Fi from functioning on iPhone

A new iPhone vulnerability has been discovered that can breach the wireless functionality simply by forming a Wi-Fi connection. The bug then makes the iPhone not able to leverage Wi-Fi even after restarting the device.

This vulnerability has been identified and tested across devices running the iOS versions. It has been stated that the issue is related to certain SSIDs that utilise multiple symbols rather than words.

Once connected to a hotspot or the Wi-Fi having such a name, it was discovered that the iPhone was not able to use the Wi-Fi. Whenever the user turns the Wi-Fi on it automatically turns off all the time. The functionality isn’t restored even when the device is restarted or the name of the hotspot is modified.

The only way it can be restored is to reset the network settings. For this, users simply have to go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

It was stated by researchers that rebooting or modifying SSID did not fix the bug.

A report stated that running multiple tests on the SSID caused the Wi-Fi functionally to perform erratically. The report also stated that even the connection to the SSID was disrupted in few of the tests and Wi-Fi could still not be accessed.

The vulnerability is only restricted to iOS and this can be leveraged by attackers to impact Wi-Fi settings on iOS devices by tricking users to leverage password-free hotspots in public spaces.

Though, this issue is temporary and can be fixed, but users need to be aware about it.